MAD for Vicenzaoro Dubai Press Release


MAD Studio Named Branding Agency for Inaugural ‘VINCENZAORO Dubai’ Gold and Jewelry Fair 
New York-Based Firm Tapped to Help Forge the Identity of a New Global Alliance

New York, NY - January 8, 2015

MAD Studio is pleased to announce an exciting collaboration with the newly-minted international gold and jewelry fair, VICENZAORO DUBAI (VOD). 
Organized by DV Global Link, a joint-venture between Italian trade fair company Fiera di Vicenzaand the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), the first-ever VOD will take place from April 23-26, 2015.  By merging the success and popularity of VICENZAORO, Fiera di Vicenza’s dedicated gold and jewelry fair and one of the most relevant exhibitions in Europe, with one of the world’s top luxury destinations and reputable tradeshow venues, this alliance marks a global commitment to international trade relations and the sustained growth of quality design and craftsmanship.
For this, its debut year, VOD has set some ambitious goals for itself, chief among them is creating the ‘definitive global jewelry show.’  In addition to its role as a hotbed for luxury, Dubai is also an incredibly strategic crossroads for international visitors, complete with the infrastructural development to support them.  By bringing VICENZAORO to the Middle East, VOD seeks to fill a sectorial gap in a region accessible (via short-haul plane ride) by 60% of the world’s population.  As an international event, VOD seeks to join the ranks of other noteworthy global happenings and become a reference point for the Arabian Peninsula, the Middle East, Russia and Central Asia.  And on a more micro level, VOD seeks to affirm, once and for all, Dubai’s place as the Arabian’s Gulf’s indisputable jewelry capital. 
The establishment of VOD creates a definitive bridge between East and West, between Europe and the United Arab Emirates, between the brand awareness of Fiera de Vicenza—in terms of design, innovation, manufacturing and B2B—and the strategic position of DWTC, reference leader in the UAE for the organization and management of trade show events.  With such a wide range of objectives and personal interests spanning two partners and cultures, the key, for MAD Studio, was to fashion an all-encompassing brand identity that evokes the glamour and luxury synonymous with both Fiera di Vicenza and Dubai, while, at the same, calling out that which makes each (venture partner and its respective culture) unique. “Creating an image for the ‘ultimate jewelry event’ was, by no means, an easy task,” said Sara Matiz, Principal of MAD Studio. “We had to appeal to both sets of cultures while, at the same time, maintaining an international visual identity.”
Defined by a gold and black palette, the VOD brand identity comprises a symbiotic duality. A universal marker of luxury, the gold signifies fortune and lavishness, while, at the same time, making reference to raw materials used for fabricating jewelry. The black succeeds in toning down and balancing out the gold and attributing an overall timeless quality to the visual concept.  The result is sumptuous yet minimalist; dramatic yet refined.  The striking graphic nature of the acronym (VOD) also plays a role in extending the bridge metaphor.  The ‘O’ visually unites the ‘V’ (Venice) and the ‘D’ (Dubai), while its geometrizing details pay homage to the beautifully intricate patterns of Middle Eastern iconography.
VOD marks the first of multiple collaborations between MAD Studio and Fiera di Vicenza debuting in 2015.

See complete project and video here.

MAD’s branding practice hinges on the belief that a strong brand identity is the fundamental cornerstone of any organization or company.  Strong brand identities are thoughtful, uniquely-crafted concepts bearing dynamic, emotionally-charged personalities.  In leveraging a brand’s distinctiveness, MAD approaches every branding project through a visceral lens and with an emotional depth upon which our clients have come to rely. 
This practice operates in a range of scales and typologies, from building signage and wayfinding to corporate identity design and environmental graphics. Selected clients include Dailymotion, Quorum, Fiera di Vicenza in Italy and New York Presbyterian Hospital. 
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