Make In Italy New York
New York, New York

2015 is an ideal time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Olivetti P101, considered the first personal computer in the world. Presented at New York’s World Fair in 1964-65, its success anticipated decades of revolutionary ideas in Silicon Valley. This important event is the beginning of an admirable history of Italian technological inventions and scientific discoveries covering the last 50 years. Presently, Arduino, the open source microcontroller developed by Massimo Banzi’s team at Interaction Design Institute of Ivrea is its most recent highlight. A story that repeats itself and that deserves to be told through this exhibition.

Make in Italy was first presented in 2014 in Italy (designed by dotdotdot) and traveled to New York in 2015. MAD art directed and designed the US adaptation of the exhibit at the Italian Institute of Culture in New York.