Pratt Institute
Student Union
Brooklyn, NY
11,000 SF

As part of the Student Union renovation, MAD Studio was tasked with designing environmental graphics to unify all interior spaces. In collaboration with Pratt Graduate Communications Design, theme based on the use of a ‘line’ and abstract maps of Brooklyn was developed. Upon entry, distraction marks in the form of abstract frit and lines which represent the cross streets of the borough are displayed, creating a movement that subsequently guides users. With the graphics strategically integrated between glass and wall surfaces, privacy is enhanced for the meeting and conference rooms while reinforcing the architecture.

The restroom area is provided with an environmental graphics showcase via the statements supporting an all-gender restroom. Triangular-shaped mirrors were installed along the walls, encouraging those who walk by to reflect upon themselves and what the concept of gender truly means to them.

Wayfinding and colors highlight the circulation of the space and even the lower level pool lounge features “No Diving” signage, recalling previous uses in this historic building.