Vision42 Competition
New York, NY

As sponsored by Vision42, this competition requested design concepts for a thoroughfare stretching the length of 42nd Street. Our thoughts and vision attempt to identify an analytical and reactionary design to the manner in which 42nd street is currently utilized while offering opportunities for evolution. Currently configured as a parallel set of lines, defined by the facades of many different buildings, we look to expand upon the "pockets" available today at places like Bryant Park, Times Square and the simple playgrounds located at locations like First Avenue.

Our proposed program looks to absorb these edges and offer amenities that can support the specific needs of the immediate context. The new transportation element will connect across the island of Manhattan in its East-West axis. It will be a physical conductor, but our goal is to encourage pedestrian activities that are adaptable and flexible to context and the local community. The tram will not be a straight line but a wanderer, much like everything else that we hope to promote with our design. Tram stops will vary based on specific location and the perspective point of the street will be interrupted. A breath of fresh air!