Weeksville Seed Library
Brooklyn, New York
500 SF

The Weeksville Seed Library is part of the Weeksville Heritage Center. With a collection of over 500 types of seeds, the Weeksville Seed Library educates visitors through an elaborate learning process. Inspired by the program’s activities, the space offers children an opportunity to grow plants and learn about their environment. The facility is part of a museum featuring three historic houses previously owned by some of the first emancipated slaves who settled in Brooklyn.

Test tubes containing seeds are stored in the library, which features the many species available to all visitors. The central library space features a table customized to the height of the museum instructors and a separate lower height intended for the younger participants. Through interactive activities and educational instruction, children learn to grow plants of their own, and are encouraged to return and further interact with the community. The Museum serves as the gateway to a 19th Century African-American Freedman’s Settlement.